Saigon is famous with street foods and one of the amazing characters is that it has hundreds of snail restaurants. There is no where on earth that have as many crazy fans of snails as Saigon. We can see almost snail restaurants are crowded with fans especially in the evening. In Europe, there are very rare kinds of snail you can eat such as the French forest snail which sometimes you can find in Danish supermarkets but in Vietnam you can find snail restaurants everywhere. The reason for that is Vietnam has a very different geographic landscapes, which provide many kinds of snails from rivers, lakes, sea, and ponds. With good cooking skills and talents, the Vietnamese make delicious snail dishes that are irresistible to try. They can steam, grill, stir fry, stew and cook snails with plenty of herbs and “accessories” such as butter, garlic, salt, chilli, lemon grass, peanut, cheese, pepper, ginger, herbs etc. Don’t miss snail restaurants in Vietnam because you cannot find the same in anywhere else.

A snail restaurant in Saigon which is always crowded after working hours