Contractual basis

Lotus Travel ApS offers package tours that are regulated by the Package Tours Act No. 472 of 30 June 1993.

The general travel conditions together with information in the offer, website, invoice, itinerary and other travel documents form the basis for the trip.


Tour operator

Lotus Rejser ApS (Limited company)
Cederlunden 91
DK-2630 Taastrup


E-mail: mail@lotusrejser.dk

Danish Central Business Register No. 38904183

Our tours are arranged in cooperation with local tour operators, hotels, airlines and other organizers.

Booking and deposit

Booking a trip is binding for the customer when the customer has notified Lotus Travel orally or in writing that the customer wishes to book the trip. Registration is binding For Lotus Rejser ApS when the customer has completed timely payment of the deposit. At the same time, with the deposit, the customer confirms that he has read and accepted the current terms and conditions for the trip.

Upon registration, a deposit of 40% of the total price of the trip must be paid within 7 days, or at least USD 600 per person for each traveller. We work with different local partners, so some travel may have special payment terms and stricter cancellation terms. If so, this will be indicated in the offer to the customer.


For customers living in USA, payment can be done to

Account Holder:      Lotus Rejser ApS

Address: TransferWise 19 W 24th Street

New York 10010

United States of America

ACH Routing Number 026073150

Wire Routing Number 026073008

For other customers payments are made to

Bank: Jyske Bank

Account holder: Lotus Rejser ApS

Branch address: Taastrup Hovedgade 56, 2630 Taastrup Denmark

IBAN: DK0550210001616508


Final Payment

Lotus Rejser ApS must receive the final payment of the trip within 70 days of departure, after which tickets and other travel documents will be forwarded electronically to the customer about 14 days before departure.

The total tour price

The invoice specifies the total amount that the customer has to pay. However, the amount does not include local taxes charged at the destination. In addition, expenses for visa, vaccinations and similar are not part of the invoiced price for the trip.

Price Changes

Lotus travel reserves the right to increase the agreed price if the airline changes the flight price due to, for example, higher fuel prices or taxes. Changes in airport charges, local taxes used in the calculation of that trip may also give rise to a change in the price if they are charged to the Lotus Rejser ApS by suppliers. In case the price increase is more than 10% of the total price of the trip, the arrangement can be cancelled free of charge by the customer, if the customer immediately cancel the tour after the price increase has been announced.


Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the following rules apply for cancellation: In case of cancellation of travel up to 70 days prior to departure, the deposit paid is lost. If the customer’s cancel between 69-46 days prior to departure, 50% of the travel price will be refunded. Later than 46 days before departure, no refund will be made.

If within 14 days of the commencement of the journey there are acts of war, natural disasters, life-threatening contagious diseases and other similar events, the journey may be cancelled free of charge. However, it will be a condition where Danish authorities (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, health authorities or other public authorities) directly discourage travel to the area concerned and that the events have occurred after the travel order.

The traveller’s responsibility

Travel documents, travel insurance and vaccinations

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide valid passports, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance and possible cancellation insurance. Danish citizens may stay 15 days (14 nights) without a visa in Vietnam. Other citizens should contact the Vietnamese Embassy to inquire about the applicable rules. The name of the flight ticket must be identical to the name of the passport. It is the responsibility of the customer that the registered and registered names of the participants are correct and in accordance with the first and last names in the passports of the participants.

Departure and check-in times

The Customer undertakes to meet in a timely manner at the listed venues.

Complaints during the trip

Any complaints about the shortcomings of the trip must be communicated directly to mail@lotusrejser.dk as soon as possible after the defect has been found on the destination. Complaints to hotels, guides or other persons on the journey are not considered valid. Complaints must be made as soon as possible to allow Lotus Rejser to assist immediately and mitigate the damage. If no announcement is made as soon as possible, the right of later notice is omitted, in accordance with Section 26 of the Tour Package Act. If the complaint is not resolved, the customer can complain to the Package Travel Board.

No show and unused benefits

If the customer leaves the journey or parts thereof, nothing will be refunded. Partially used tickets and other services are not refundable. This also applies if the absence is due to missing or invalid passports / visas, vaccinations or other necessary travel documents.

It is the responsibility of the customer that passports are machine-readable and valid for at least 6 months in addition to the expiry date of the last country on the journey.

Other changes

If the customer wishes to change in an existing booking and invoiced journey, a handling fee of USD 70 per person is charged. If there are less than 70 days of departure, a request for change is considered a cancellation and a new order. If a package event, hotel reservation, airline ticket or other service is subject to stricter change conditions, this will be stated in the travel documents. Desire for relocation of the travel period is not to be regarded as a change, but as a cancellation and a new order.

Program Changes / -Cancellations

The accommodations mentioned in the program are considered as a starting point and there may be changes to a similar hotel / accommodation of the same standard.

Changes in departure and arrival times

After the ticket issue, changes in departure and arrival times may occur and it is the customer’s duty to keep up to date.