When we talk about Vietnamese culture, we cannot miss how important local markets are in Vietnamese daily life. My mom would usually go to the market every day or at least every 2 days. Why local markets have such a big position in a Vietnamese woman life? Because it provides social, communication and of course, purchasing needs of fresh foods, which no supermarket can compete. Only when you come to the market can you witness live fish swimming, crabs crawling and shrimps jumping in buckets and chicken cuckooing in the cages. The good smell from freshly fried fish cakes and fried tofu attracts any passers-by’s. The colour of herbs and vegetables represents the most beautiful bounty from nature. The symphony of goods being offered and the lively bargaining between buyers and sellers make Vietnamese markets so unique that after 7 years living in Denmark I still miss them so much. The markets are also a good place for you to try local street foods with reasonable prices. There are hundreds of homemade cuisines and desserts sold by housewives in the food area. There are long-term relationships between sellers and buyers, seller groups and buyer groups are created and remained through many years. My mom has good suppliers for rice, fish sauce and dried foods in the local market. Anytime she needs those items, she can call and they deliver the best quality with very competitive prices. Normally, they do not charge for delivery fee, which cost nearly nothing but gain a life-long deal. You can easily see some farmers selling their produce harvested from their own farm and gardens. You can buy a live duck and shop around when waiting for the duck to be prepared. All kinds of poultry and meats can be purchased when they are still alive to guaranty its freshness. Vietnamese sellers are also very good at service. You will receive the meat you want, cut into pieces with your required sizes.

Floating market Cai Rang

Bac Ha market