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National parks


Vietnam’s tropical rain forests, mangrove swamps, coral reefs and brackish areas make up living places for much of the country’s wildlife. Experiencing the wildlife is done best by visiting one or more of the country’s many national parks, or to go on a diving trip in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc, where marine life to be explored.

Viet Nam has a total of 30 national parks scattered across the country. Together, they count for almost 3% of the country’s total area. It is possible to reach a part of the national parks from the popular cities. In one to choose to visit one of the national parks, it will likely include some extent of physical activity to get around.

One of the parks that are closest to Hanoi is Cúc Phương national park, which was the first national park in the country, and one of the largest wilderness areas in the country. It is situated near the ancient capital of Hoa Lư and Trang An.


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If you are in Saigon and takes the tour up to Dalat, it is possible to make a visit to Cát Tiên National Park on the way. The park is one of the largest areas of lowland rainforest left in Viet Nam. Close to the flower city Dalat is Bidoup Núi Bà National Park located, which is one of Vietnam’s 5 biggest national parks. If you continue further you will arrive to the province of Đắk Lắk with its 2 national parks – Yok Đôn and Chư Yang Sin.

On Vietnam’s largest island of Phú Quốc more than half area is covered by its national park, so it is easy to access. There are individual hiking trails with signs, if one wants to move into the park, or better follow a local guide into the park area.



Lotus is the national flower of Viet Nam. It is beautiful, wide-spread, can be used for multiple purposes, and it has a special place in Buddhism, so no wonder that it has been given the status of national flower. Lotus is a perennial aquatic plant that blooms from early July to late August. The leaves floating on top of the water surface and can grow up to 60 cm in diameter. The flowers growing on thick stalks, which rises above the water and can grow as large as 20 cm long, Blooms are pink or white, is open during the day and closes in on the night. Lotus prefers full sun throughout the day.


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During Tet, streets are full of purple peach and yellow apricot blossoms. In the flower city of Dalat, the are famous their roses, which are sold all over the country, and their many different orchids, which also goes to export. Chrysanthemum and mimosa are also seen in many places in the area. It is worth to visit Dalat Flower Garden, which has a large collection of rare orchids in Viet Nam. Beautiful flowers can always be used to create a good romantic frame.



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