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Why travel with Lotus Rejser

A vacation in Vietnam offers the possibility to combine much of what people are looking for when travelling. We need to relax in an otherwise busy schedule. We need sun, new impressions and some fascinating and authentic experiences.


Just as the Vietnamese kitchen, we strive to find the right balance on a journey. This balance can be very different, depending on one’s interests and needs. Thus, we always customize our tour programmes from the angle that you as our valuable guest must get the most out of it.


Travellers with children will typically have a need for a tour that leaves sufficient time and space to be together as a family, and in surrounding with suitable facilities. A traditional round trip with many movements will not be particularly useful. It is too exhausting and too ambitious. The best way to experience Vietnam is when there is time to absorb and digest the impressions, and it can even be a more authentic experience if you have some time on your own to explore the local environment. Vietnam is generally safe, and people are kind and generous. In addition, a vacation in Vietnam is an opportunity to enjoy some warm weather and stress out in an otherwise cold and dark winter season.


Vietnam has more to offer than what realistically can be reached during a 2-week trip. The country with its 2000-year of history has a diverse culture that is spread out over the country. Look at the pictures on the websites; they reveal some eye-catching sights, but also huge variations in the landscape. At the same time, there are 54 different ethnic minorities living in the country with different languages, culture, clothing and food. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize what to see before departure, and that we would like to help with that.


Vietnam is a true paradise for food lovers since each region has its own sophisticated kitchen. Differences in temperatures, and landscapes with mountains, sea and rivers, ensure variations in the ingredients produced, and each kitchen has been developed based on the local food supplies. We will gladly organise trips, where you get the opportunity to enrich your taste buds.


The following is a presentation of the places of interest to the traveller. For the sake of clarity, we have divided the country into three regions. Click on the images below and learn more about the most popular destinations in Vietnam.