Danish and Vietnam society has many interesting similarity and differences, which make both places attractive to each other and the people willing to visit. We will start with some suggestions you should not do in Vietnam.

–  Don´t wear exposing clothes in temples, churches, and religious places. In Denmark, we can easily see Danes wear shorts and mini-skirts to church in the summer but the Vietnamese think that is not respectful and inappropriate apparel for these places.

–  Don´t use slang languages like “f….” to talk in public and especially with senior people/elders. It is considered as extremely impolite language.

–  Don’t eat chewing gums when talking with people. It is inappropriate and impolite for Vietnamese.

–  Don’t sit in a position that is higher than older people’s. That means you want to dominate them and show your arrogance.

–  Don’t talk about politics and religion with Vietnamese. It can cause irritation and conflicts for Vietnamese.

–  Never be naked in public. You can be arrested by the police.

–  Don’t try to share any things in the bills. Vietnamese are willing to pay for you when they invite you to go out and expect you to do the same the next time.


You should do:

–  Smile when you agree or disagree with people. It shows your tolerance and respect for their ideas.

–  Be formal in clothing when meeting with business partners, elderly people, friend’s parents, teachers in the school, etc.

–  Take your shoes off when visiting temples and private houses

–  Cover your tattoos and piercings because there are not widely accepted in Vietnam

–  Be helpful when you are invited to a dinner. Try to help the host to cook, clean up and prepare the foods. It shows your goodwill even though you are clumsy in cooking.

–  Bring a small gift in the first visit to show your friendship

–  Give your seats on the bus to the elders and pregnant women