Lotus vækst

Lotus – Symbol of Vietnam

Why Lotus is chosen as Vietnam’s symbol?   Lotus is a special kind of flower that lives in mud, but it has a good smell and not stinky and muddy at all. It symbolises as a righteous man, who lives in a poor and difficult situation, but raises up and become successful and contribute for […]

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tet festival vietnam

Tết – Vietnamese New Year celebrations !

Tết – Most Precious Days of the Year !   Vietnamese use both Western and Lunar calendar in their daily life. The Western calendar is used for business activities and normal social events such as birthday, anniversary, appointment, etc. Besides, they use Lunar calendar for traditional events such as New Year, Moon days (the 15th […]

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Local market tour – a must for foodies

When we talk about Vietnamese culture, we cannot miss how important local markets are in Vietnamese daily life. My mom would usually go to the market every day or at least every 2 days. Why local markets have such a big position in a Vietnamese woman life?

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