Picturesque Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of contrasts due to its geography. It offers tourists the opportunity to experience a multitude of landscapes.


Obviously its long sea shore offers views of tropical white sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise water.


Beach Vietnam

Phu Quoc. Largest island with numerous great beaches. 



Keeping it in lowland but moving inside the land we have the Mekong delta region. Life in the Mekong Delta is deeply connected to water. The lowlands are continually sliced by rivers and streams filled with boats.


Vietnam bridges


Taking a trip of any length here often requires taking multiple ferries, crossing low cost bridges and floating towns where soups, clothes and household items are sold from the boat. In the area mangrove forests are found and can be explored by river boats.


Moving from rivers and rice-cultivating lowland northeast, towards Da Lat, the landscape quickly changes by a rising topography. Da Lat, founded by the French as a vacation town, lies in the misty highlands. Here, mist often covers the peaks and valleys, earning it the name “City of Eternal Spring.” Renowned for its flowers, fruits and vegetables and surrounded by pine trees, and is often compared with the French Alps. With places like vallay of love and picturesque waterfall, it is suitable for honeymooners, or honeymooners to be!


Romantic holiday Vietnam

Waterfall in Dalat


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, with its karst mountains, underground rivers, caves and unspoilt jungle is spectacular and naturally on the nature list of UNESCO World Heritage. However, the park is for most part not easily accessible and generally attracts adventurous travellers. The national park is famously home to Hang Son Doong, the biggest cave on the planet, but guided tours are limited and costly.


Going further to the north and towards the coast, one will find the gem, Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay, another UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam, features thousands of limestone islands which take various sizes and shapes, each topped with tropical vegetation. Many of these islands feature unique caves which contains impressive stalagmites and stalactites. The Bay is best seen on a multi-day boat tour


Inland again and to the north near the border to China is Sapa with its appealing mountain views.  Room to the highest peak in the Vietnam, rice terraces and colourful ethnic minorities, it is to no surprise that the area is popular among its visitors.




With many distinct climates and cultures, Vietnam is a stunning place. It’s easy to appreciate the country’s green fauna, rivers, sandy beaches, misty peaks and limestone karsts. Make sure to bring battery enough for all the photo opportunities the country provides.