Our story

For 39 years I lived in Vietnam, which I fondly believe is one of the most beautiful and easily traveled country in the world. The benefit that came out of this period is I gained extensive working, living and traveling experience that can guide you and introduce you to my great country that has offered me many unforgettable journeys and adventures.

For more than 10 years, we worked in the travel, hospitality, and event planning industry for international companies throughout Vietnam with an expert eye for travel arrangement and creative planning.  From that experience, we have garnered partnership with a wide network of travel agents in Vietnam who are capable for organizing your dream trips with local and fair prices. Last but not least, we are Vietnamese and deeply passionate about our homeland, and take every care to ensure that you experience everything Vietnam has to offer.

Our concept

As frequent travelers to Vietnam, often with small children, we were not satisfied with the existing bundled package or “all-inclusive” tours that have inflexible schedules and hidden pricing. Most of them offering Danes a tour starting from the North to the South of Vietnam in 2-3 weeks and guests have to travel to a new destination every day. It is exhausting and too ambitious a pace for families and even individuals who want to truly experience Vietnam. Vietnam is a historical 2000-year country with a rich variety of scenery and cultures. It has 54 minority groups that has different languages, customs, culture and foods. It a heaven for foodies because each region and province has its own cooking style and local products. How can we experience the whole country in 2-3 weeks while maximizing the limited time that we have available?

We offer a solution for one or more of the following customers:

  • Those who have to travel with small children
  • Those who like to experience Vietnam in the best ways, utilizing all 5 senses (see, hear, touch, taste and feel)
  • Those who want to enjoy green, eco-friendly adventure journeys
  • Those who are looking for variety in nature: scenic mountains, valleys, beaches
  • Those who enjoy good food, friendly people and a rich culture

By involving you in our design process, we hope to tailor your needs and desires into a trip of a life-time.

Our concept is to offer you a good chance to “see, hear, touch, taste and feel” Vietnam! Each tour will be designed based on your supplying information and tailored for your own special interests. Every trip will be a unique adventure unlike any others. Thank you!